Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels

UK Diamond Tooling offer a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes, our wheels can be manufactured to suit specific grinding application on a variety of materials. There are many uses for resin bonded grinding wheels the main application being tungsten carbide and ceramics, they can also be specially developed, designed and manufactured for efficient grinding of hardened steels, alloys etc we also offer a range of bonds to suit different applications. Wheel performance effectiveness is determined to a large extent to the correct choice of the bond, as well as the quality and size of the Diamond/CBN grit used during manufacture. The bond should give a perfect diamond/C.B.N. retention. We offer various grit types and concentrations usually 50, 75 & 100 Concentration.

Standard Wheel Shapes

Peripheral Wheels

  • 1A1, 11A9, 6A9

Dish Wheels

  • 4A2, 4BT9, 4ET9, 12A2 20 Degree, 12A2 45 Degree

Flaring Cup Wheels

  • 11V9, 12V9

Taper Cup Wheel

  • 11A2

Cup Wheel

  • 6A2

Double Face Wheel

  • 9A3

OPG Wheels

  • 14A1, 14F1, 3A1

Slitting Wheels

  • 1A1R

Internal Wheels

  • 1A8W & 1A1W


Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels

Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels

Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels

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