Single Point Tools

The Single Point is the traditional Diamond Dressing Tool. A single natural diamond is used which can if required be reset several times so that a new cutting point can be exposed.

UK Diamond Tooling supply a wide range of Single Point Diamond Dressing Tools to suit every possible application and compliment by offering a speedy resetting service for used diamond tools.

The diamonds supplied, fall into two categories, consumable (throwaway) which is a less expensive dresser which is totally replaced when the diamond content has been utilised, and re-settable, of which we offer a wide range, 1-2 Points, 2-3 Points & 3-4 Points (approx. number of resets and their structural strength.) in all carat sizes.

All single point diamond tools are powder set in special hard matrixes and can be precision set into various shanks including straight, tapered, headed, threaded etc. For a special shank simply supply us with a drawing.

Coolant if available should be used before traversing and not switched in when the diamonds is in use and hot.

The tool should be presented to the wheel with a drag angle of "between" 5 Degree to 15 Degrees with the point of contact just below the centre line of the wheel.

Take care to check the diamond tools regularly and to have them reset, if required, in good time so as to increase their life.

It is essential the tool be returned for resetting when the diamond is worn as far as the shank, never let the diamond wear to a degree where the diamond wheel is in contact with steel. Such contact will damage the diamond and it will not be possible to reset the tool.

Single Point Tools

Single Point Tools

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